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Mutual Masturbation with Escorts – How to Try It?

Solo masturbation can become boring after a certain time. But what about mutual masturbation? Do you know professional escorts provide mutual masturbation services? Mutual masturbation with call girls is the key to spice up your sex life. Mutual masturbation is woefully underrated in sexual practice. You often get a better orgasm as your hand is in control of things. 

What is Mutual Masturbation?

Mutual masturbation is the act of self-arousal with an escort around. In this sexual activity, you and the escort masturbate to reach climax. It could also mean taking turns so that you both can notice the reactions of reaching a climax. 

Mutual masturbation with call girls has different meanings. One of the commonest meanings is pleasuring yourselves and each other at the same time. This usually involves both your hands and can lead to extreme orgasms. 

What are the Reasons Behind the Popularity of Mutual Masturbation?

You might think that when you hire a professional call girl, there is no need to masturbate. But an erotic session of mutual masturbation can teach a thing or two about restraint in sex. You can also watch videos from DaftSex to shag off or stimulate the escort’s vagina. Listed are the essential reasons behind the popularity of mutual masturbation. 

Teach and Learn About the Sexual Preferences 

Hiring an escort is an effective way to learn about the basics of sex. Intimate and intense sex is more than just thrusting your cock in her pussy. When you watch the call girl pleasuring herself, you will get a better idea of how to please women in bed. On the other hand, the escort will also know what it takes to satisfy you sexually. 

Mutual Masturbation Guarantees Pleasure 

Mutual masturbation is a widespread sexual practice as it comes with guaranteed pleasure. The mere sight of witnessing an escort fingering her pussy and caressing her breasts will arouse you instantly. It can also happen the same with the call girl by seeing you running your large dick. 

An Ideal Opportunity to Use Sex Toys

Mutual masturbation is that sexual kink where using sex toys is an absolute must. It can also help in easing the pressure off your hands. For instance, you can use a vibrator to drill her pussy while shagging your penis simultaneously. The introduction of sex toys can completely change the dynamics of a mutual masturbation session. 

The Best Strategies to Have Mutual Masturbation 

Mutual masturbation with skilled call girls can be more enjoyable when you know the right strategies. Listed are some of the best tips and tricks to make mutual masturbation with call girls enjoyable. 

It can be Awkward at First 

It is pretty common to feel comfortable when having mutual masturbation with a call girl. But the escort will ensure that you don’t feel shy throughout the entire session. You can watch porn videos on DaftSex to boost your confidence. 

Set the Scene 

The success of mutual masturbation depends significantly on the surroundings. Like other sexual acts, the environment can make or break your overall experience. You can dim the lights to feel comfortable. Escorts can also use scented candles to make the environment sexually appealing. 

Maintaining Eye Contact is a Must 

It is crucial to maintain steady eye contact when having mutual masturbation with a call girl. Note that you don’t have to stare down at the escort. Eye contact can bring more intimacy to the overall session and help you reach climax. 

The Subtle Art of Teasing 

Mutual masturbation can be made highly effective with slow teasing. Usually, the escort will take off your clothes and run her hands over your body for quick arousal. It is crucial that you do the same for the entire session to be long-lasting and fun. 

Get Experimental with the Positions 

Mutual masturbation can be enjoyed properly when you know about the right positions. Decide who will control the things after commencing the session. If it is your first time, the call girl should be the one to control things. Make sure that you switch positions often to avoid fatigue and experience overpowering orgasms. 

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